“the Antimaroa can only move in canoe”

dugout canoe in the canals of Maroantsetra, Madagascar

With 140 inches of rain, Maroantsetra is one of the most watered cities of Madagascar. The first impressions of the visitor come from the green of the rice fields, the scents of vanilla and cloves, and the omnipresence of water. Un dicton parle d'ailleurs en ces termes des natifs de la région : “tsy mandeha tsy an-dàkana” (les Antimaroa ne se déplacent qu'en pirogue !). A saying goes in the following terms: "tsy mandeha tsy an-dàkana" (the Antimaroa can only move in canoe!). The ecotourism offers the enormous potentialities that the sea, the mountains, the forest reserve to the enthusiasts of nature, culture, sport of adventure, of authenticity.

The Masoala National Park is just a stone's throw away, and that of Mananara-Nord, Biosphere Reserve for two, if... all or almost all in the green and blue splendours of this mythical bay is still to be discovered...

Text: Thompson Andriamanoro
Photos Pierre-Yves Babelon
Thanks to Christophe de Comarmond

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