Sunrise on Mahambo, Madagascar

At 60 miles north of Tamatave, Mahambo is a well-representative village of the betsimisaraka country with its huts with dried ravinala leaves hidden at the bottom of a bay lined with thick forests and closed by a very pretty lagoon. Those too quick to assimilate the whole of the East Coast to an unpleasant sea to consume with moderation will soon return to their ideas.

Here the stay has always divided between swimming, snorkeling near the barrier reef, outings in pirogue with fishermen, walks in the forest... From the classic in fact, until the day when two enthusiasts, after traveling around the world, discovered that Madagascar also had his "World Class Waves" and that those of Mahambo were part of it. "Live your dreams instead of dreaming your life", the brothers Fred and Gil want to make Madagascar "the" new surfing destination, and "the" solution to the saturation of traditional archi frequented spots. Nature, freedom and challenge are among the values of this sport that is close to art in its finesse. Mahambo meets the conditions, and the small village on the edge of the forest where the lemurs frolic at liberty is more and more mentioned in the Guides...

Text: Thompson Andriamanoro
Photos Pierre-Yves Babelon
Thanks to La Pirogue

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