The Courrier Bay (Diego Suarez)

Sunset on the Courrier bay, Diego Suarez (Antsiranana), Madagascar

Tthe west of Diego Suarez, the Courrier Bay of Cape San Sebastian to the peeled hills and savannas of Cap d'Ambre, at the limit of the oceanic floor and the Marine Reserve of Nosy Hara. This Marine Reserve is made up of a multitude of islands and islets, some of which emerge only at low tide.

Karstic islands where erosion carved Tsingy, sharp rocks like knives. One of them, the Anjombavola, houses the tombs of sailors who came in the 5th century of the Horn of Africa. A few colonies of birds such as terns, tail-straws or fishing eagles have chosen to live there. It is also a spawning place for marine turtles.

To the East, Diego Suarez and its majestic bay, the peninsula of Orangea, the Emerald Sea and the Montagne des Français. To the south, covered with its green mantle of tropical forest of altitude and often capped of clouds, the Massif of Amber, elder of the National Parks of Madagascar.

Text: Peter Gregor
Photos Pierre-Yves Babelon
Thanks to Evasion sans Frontière, Madiro Kitamby

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