Anakao, Madagascar

Quickly accessible from Tuléar by speedboat, Anakao is an increasingly popular destination, welcoming almost 3000 tourists each year.

Anakao is above all a unique combination of two exceptional marine and terrestrial biodiversity. Plunging in an aquarium sea, trolling or palangrotte fishing, excursion to the islands, a walk in the mangroves and hinterland ... congrats to operators resolutely innovative, both for the infrastructure As for the circuits! The native, for their part, have kept their authenticity while integrating tourism in their daily lives.

Some of them supply the hotels with agricultural produce and the sea, young people go to fetch water in a dugout canoe, women offer magnificent braids ... The municipality is not to be outdone in terms of cleanliness of the beach And site preservation. Last but not least, the humpback whales also come frolicking around Nosy Ve during their annual migration from the South Seas. Spread the word...

Text: Thompson Andriamanoro
Photos Pierre-Yves Babelon

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